Gen 1 Turbochargers

         We call it “Competition Engineered Aerodynamics”

                              but you’ll call it FAST.


In an effort to always provide the most cutting-edge technology possible, we have moved away from the generic “billet” term that so many other companies are latching on to and are focusing our efforts on our advanced Competition Engineered Aerodynamics (“CEA” for short) compressor wheels.

Competition Engineered Aerodynamics (CEA): Precision Turbo & Engine’s exclusive line of CNC-machined, 2618-forged aluminum compressor wheels specifically designed for maximum performance. Cutting-edge technology used to provide greater efficiency and faster transient response/less turbo lag than traditional cast wheels of the same size. Known for making significantly more power without sacrificing weight or cost.


We’re confident that our CEA line can outperform copy-cat products and appreciate your help in spreading the word!

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